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HAPPE parrot rescue is an Illinois based organization assisting with the adoption and placement of exotic birds through a network of foster care homes and coordinated efforts with other licensed avian organizations throughout the USA. HAPPE Parrots also provides education, rehabilitation and behavior management consultation.


We are looking for dedicated individuals that are interested in learning about proper parrot care. This shelter/rescue is in our home and has several parrots with special needs. You must not be afraid of parrots because cleaning their cages is required. We pay particular attention to diet and proper nutrition for this large flock.  We teach proper parrot care. This care includes nutritional instruction per species, how to handle behavioral issues, such as screaming, biting, and feather picking, parrot hygiene/bathing, and the proper way to medicate parrots.

If you are interested in helping out a couple hours a week, please contact us by phone  630-759-7363 or by e-mail wingnutz2@aol.com.

Thank You!

Feather Donations help support H.A.P.P.E. Parrots Rescue, and other bird rescues by raising funds for necessary medical testing, cages, toys, food and other supplies for birds in our care.
Selling molted feathers, helps us to continue to rehabilitate, and facilitate the adoption and placement process.

PLEASE help us by donating your molted feathers to the H.A.P.P.E. Parrots Rescue by contacting us either by e-mail or phone. Wingnutz2@aol.com  or 630-759-7363
Note: Please do not send migratory or native bird feathers because they are illegal for us to sell. Thank You!

Please be advised that there has been  some unauthorized use of the name  H.A.P.P.E. Parrots Rescue. Only  individuals that you see listed on H.A.P.P.E. Parrots Rescue’s website are  affiliated with us and we do work with them. If you do not see their name on the  H.A.P.P.E. Parrots website, chances  are that they are taking in your parrots into their unlicensed homes. Please  check and make sure that before giving up your parrots to just anyone or anyone  claiming to work with me, that they, in fact are licensed to do parrot rescue in the State of Illinois. Please call the Illinois Department  of Agriculture at 217-782-6657 to further check on these individuals. This message is for the safety and protection of your birds! Thank You!

King's Cages are the only cages that
we recommend for your birds needs.
Please contact H.A.P.P.E. Parrots for a quote.


HAPPE Parrots Rescue was recently featured in The Herald News - a member of the Sun Times News Group. You may read the article on their website or view it as a .pdf.


An uneducated owner, seed only diet and insufficient vet care lead to this bird having fatty liver disease.

Before adopting a parrot - please make sure you are ready to put in the time, effort and care that these animals require. They are one of the most amazing pets - so please make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of caring for one of these loving animals.


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